Audcomp Device as a Service (DaaS) is a subscription based service that reduces your total IT costs and offers your staff an improved overall experience.

With Audcomp DaaS, we purchase, repair, and refresh any device included in your subscription, allowing you to focus on your business and save money.

Your business’ IT environment should reflect the evolving needs of your employees and be scalable to accommodate changes to the size of your team. The DaaS model helps create a more agile environment by offering you the ability to deploy assets only as needed, refresh devices more quickly, and upgrade to new technologies more easily. Because DaaS is a fully flexible solution, your team members will benefit from a higher quality experience and enhanced productivity. End users get the devices they need, when they need them, and set up to their specifications.

Audcomp DaaS not only simplifies the process of acquiring and managing equipment vital to your day-to-day operations, it also creates a fixed IT cost per employee, per month. The resulting shift of device purchases as capital expenditures to operational expenditures means that your business can enjoy greater stability and predictability of IT costs, and tax benefits.

Best of all, Audcomp DaaS is a Fully Managed Service. Throughout the device lifecycle, we handle continual patching, maintenance, round-the-clock monitoring, and basic applications support. The result? A streamlined IT infrastructure that enables your IT staff to focus on business-critical tasks rather than time-consuming asset management.

Why pay for more than you need? An Audcomp DaaS monthly subscription includes maintenance, support, software, and hardware tailored to your unique needs. DaaS offers businesses many benefits, regardless of whether you are a small business with limited IT resources, or an enterprise requiring the highest level of performance and data security. Ultimately, when it comes to your IT infrastructure, DaaS can significantly minimize complexity and increase flexibility.

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