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Every so often, a technology comes along that radically changes the way we do business. Virtualization is one such technology.  It allows multiple virtual machines to run off one single machine, sharing the resources of that single piece of hardware with all those connected to it.

What does that mean for your business?

  • Reduced hardware and software costs
  • Reduced energy usage and associated costs
  • Simplified disaster recovery
  • Decreased downtime and associated costs, and
  • Simplified operations and increased efficiency and utilization.

Both computers and servers can be virtualized to create a smaller footprint to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Don't be left behind. Let Audcomp welcome you to the virtual world.

We offer an array of Virtualization services to help you reach your goals quickly and reap the benefits faster. Whether you prefer VMware, Microsoft, or Citrix Virtualization; Audcomp Professional Services can cater to your needs with the right knowledge, expertise and support. We provide:
•    Virtualization capacity planning
•    Proof of concept services
•    Deployment/ integration
•    Support and maintenance

Mobility has increased the need to virtualize the desktop environment and support workplace flexibility. Audcomp implements successful client virtualization solutions- from client to server, storage to network infrastructure.  We provide:
•    Virtualization strategies
•    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) implementation
•    Design and implementation
•    Support and maintenance

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