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Audcomp Datacentre services

Audcomp Datacentre Services (ADS) offers your IT investment a great home and hosts your server equipment and virtual machines at our datacentre.  Located locally in South-western Ontario, our datacentre allows you worry free access to bandwidth and your hardware. Staffed with accredited datacentre engineers to provide 24/7 support, our datacentre offers firewall protection and data backup solutions.

•    Redundant back up power generation
•    Automated switching from public power to on-site power generation
•    Cooling systems engineered to meet high-density computer hardware demands
•    Multi-stage fire control systems
•    Secure operational areas

Building and maintaining  in-house facilities for your IT equipment can be expensive and time consuming.  Audcomp offers a collocation service housed in our secured datacentre , which is powered with advanced security system. Our collocation centre is biometric secure and climate controlled.  Our datacentre specialists monitor the environment 24/7 and will manage your IT infrastructure and operations using a qualified process management approach.

Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting: Designed, built and operated by Audcomp, our datacentre is engineered to operate at maximum capacity and redundancy. Whether your servers are Windows or Linux based, we can host them for you efficiently and securely.

Hosted Exchange: Our Hosted Exchange service enables you to take your office anywhere. You can access your e-mail, calendar and documents from any device anywhere.

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