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Maximize the value of your IT investments with a reliable backup and disaster recovery strategy. Audcomp Backup Services offers a cloud solution that protects your data quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Our backup services equip your business with a monthly subscription-based service that secures your data both on premises and in the cloud.

Audcomp Backup Service protects your critical business data automatically in our secure data center. Audcomp Backup Services eliminate the need for any equipment purchases or license fees. You simply pay for the space used to store your data.

Audcomp Backup Service has proven to be the most reliable and simple way to protect your data. You determine the schedule and your backup will automatically take place. Your organization’s critical data is stored safely offsite and is easily retrievable in the event of a loss or total disaster. ABS gives you:

  • Hybrid cloud backup and recovery
  • Flexible recovery options
  • A single-snapshot full backup
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